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General House Rules & Pets


  • No pets are permitted, unless approved by the house manager in writing in advance of your stay. 

  • Pets must be leashed when outside. Please be aware that wild animals may pass through the property, like coyotes or bears.

  • You are responsible for removing all pet droppings from the grounds. Please securely bag and dispose of pet droppings in the blue garbage bins.


  • No smoking of any kind is permitted in our home. If you smoke outside, remember you are staying in a heavily wooded area so please use extreme care to extinguish and discard into a receptacle. Please do not toss any butts on the ground. We try to maintain a very clean property.


  • Our property is a family-oriented, peaceful retreat. Please relax and enjoy the sounds of the lake and nature. If you do like music, please keep it at a low volume to respect our neighbors enjoyment of the lake.

Events or Parties

  • We have zero tolerance for unauthorized events or parties. If you are interested in hosting a small event at the Treehouse please visit our Events Page for more information.


  • Full list of rules, terms and conditions is available here.

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